Detroit is LOVE. . . and Red Velvet Pancakes.

This is how we brunch in Deroit.
I was able to dine at the new-ish Hudson Cafe. Before there was another breakfast spot that I never had a chance to try, but Hudson, this place is awesome. There's a small coffee bar at the entrance, but I'm sure all the magic happens in the kitchen and dining room. My companions and I shared a half order (which is still huge) of the red velvet pancakes as an appetizer of sorts. Check out all of that deliciousness. 

Then we all ordered our meals.  I had the voodoo benedict while my companions opted for the traditional breakfast and a half order of pecan banana pancakes.  I'd definitely recommend The Hudson for breakfast.  I have yet to try their lunch items, but they have the Detroit classic J.L. Hudson Maurice Salad, so I'm sure it's also delicious! 
It's a great, bright, airy atmosphere that's appropriate not only for a brunch outing with the girls like I had, but for a lunch date as well. 

R's pecan banana pancakes. 

C's traditional breakfast. 

My voodoo benedict: poached eggs atop sweet corn cakes and spicy chorizo topped with cheddar and ranchero sauce.  

After brunch we moseyed back down Woodward and stopped at the Inside Detroit's Downtown  Welcome Center.  They give tours of the city and have information about entertainment and dining, but it's also a shop where Detroit artists and manufacturers have a place to sell and display wares when they don't have anywhere else to do so.  There's lots of homegrown apparel, crafts, and books available for purchase. I know a place where I'll be purchasing gifts, Detroit-style.
There's also a checklist of Detroit bars, lounges and restaurants, that I'm sure I'll be checking out!
A sampling of the goods at the Welcome Center. 

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