aleesa in the [motor] city.

As a lover of fashion, fun, food, and the arts, I want to document where you can find great options for all of this in (and around) Detroit.  After returning from college, I wanted to see and get to know this place, Detroit, for myself -  not through my teenaged memories,  snide comments of former an/or non-residents, or just from what is on the news.  This blog is to document my life, including my adventures in (and around) the city.

I'm sure this blog will take a bit of time to settle - it will go through some changes, but as I'm ever-changing and evolving, I hope the turns this blog may take will  always be for the better.  Kind of what I wish for Detroit. 

about aleesa.

I'm a 20-something woman in theatre. I'm finishing my master's degree.   I'm a budding foodie and a born-again fashionista -- well, I try to be.  I love event-planning almost as much as I enjoy entertaining at home -- I want to forever be the hostess with the mostest.

I love my city.

My love is strong.  It's not a boisterous love. It's steadfast and supportive.  Detroit's my home.